All You Need to Know!


Before I relay any details, I want to clarify that if I am to commit suicide, the blame should not in ANY circumstances be laid on any single individual - or any group, for that matter. While it is undeniable that many people have caused my world to become the hellscape that I understand, killing msyelf is entirely a choice of my own. If I was mentally healthy and neurotypical and all the rest of it, I wouldn't have responded to any given event in this way.

In the possible circumstance of my suicide, no one is responsible but msyelf.

It is very important to me that this should be known. Do not harrass anyone I knew over me; this action may result in a long and unpleasant haunting. You're the worst kind of person if you do that.


Burial. Please. For the love of God. What's my body supposed to do if you burn it into sniffy dust?? I want to stay in the ground, all natural and bloated and terrible, for nature to feed off of. I would prefer a relatively small and secluded grave, or to be with my grandmother.

Family. I grant them permission to do jack shit. Whenever my parents and brother will try to speak for me or about me, you would be majorly disrespecting me by listening to them. They will never represent me. They barely knew me. They couldn't handle or even comprehend my issues, because they refused to take any responsibility when I was alive. They constantly denied that anything was ever wong with me, even when they knew. Do not trust a single word from their mouths.

Possessions. [REDACTED for now] gets first choice for everything I have, including money. After that, I don't know, you can work that out amongst yourselves.


I'm not proud of a lot of my work, but I will leave most of it in a neat little place in case anyone would like to access it.

I don't leave behind much. The people who will be traumatised over my death deserve it, except for one. If there is any kind of afterlife, I will try and make it up for him.