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here are a bunch of foods i like to eat and make. my eating is disordered at the moment - if you want to copy me, i would recommend making larger portions than what i describe, or adding in some extra stuff that you like.


i don't usually have breakfast, but when i DO i will either have a fibre bar, a protein bar, or some fruit/veg. i usually take a multivitamin after my first meal of the day, especially if i haven't had much food for a while. they're chewy + taste like raspberry and pomegranate :)


  • nature valley peanut & chocolate protein bar
  • fibre one popcorn chocolate bar
  • fibre one cookies & cream protein bair
  • a banana
  • a braburn apple
  • strawberries
  • 2 slices of ham & some white grapes and/or cucumber
  • an egg (i like them hard-boiled, which i'm told makes me a demon spawn)
  • all of these things are often accompanied by those 22.5g packets of fridge raiders, or a very small amount of kelloggs honey loops (no milk because fuck milk).
  • lunch

    i like my lunches to be simple and refreshing, but still pretty rich in flavour (rich for my autistic tastebuds, anyway). here are some lunches that i like to prepare. when i'm at uni in a month or so, i'll update this with pics of my lunchboxes!! they're gonna be cute as fuck, you can count on me.

    chicken sammich

  • one slice of fluffy white bread folded in half
  • one chicken breast slice (the cooked refrigerated ones you get at supermarkets)
  • iceberg lettuce
  • a pinch of salt
  • some dressing if you're feeling fancy
  • this is probably the safest + comfiest lunch 4 me to eat
  • can be accompanied w/ white grapes, cucumber, apple slices, carrot slices etc.
  • the best salad

  • iceberg lettuce, red bell pepper slices & cucumber slices
  • carrot and onion slices too, if they are available at the time and i'm not going too hard on restricting
  • some coleslaw if there's a day where i'm not afraid of it
  • there are only so many pre-made supermarket salads you can eat before you realise how stale it can sometimes taste, plus i don't like a lot of the different leaves & lettuces they put in
  • so i like to keep it simple and make it all myself! much fresher taste to it, and not that much more expensive at all. totally worth it.
  • dinner

    most of the time, i like my dinners to be warm and salty or spicy. i get cold pretty quickly, so it helps... here are some dishes i like.


  • specifically the chicken gyoza from itsu, or the vegetable fusion ones
  • i like to pair these with chips ("fRiEs"), or pasta, or some vegetables like carrots and broccoli
  • usually i just have them on their own, though
  • lots of protein and low in calories
  • overall a good time.
  • noodle cups

  • you have to watch out which type you buy, because a lot of them have shitty chemicals in them that are bad for you and make it taste like death
  • i like the soba chilli noodle cups
  • the nakd thai sweet chilli cups are inoffensive if the above is not available.
  • rice

  • tesco does little microwaveable packs of different varieties, that are pretty low in calories but still taste good
  • i like to pair it with vegetables, either raw or cooked
  • snacks and treats

  • propercorn 10g multipack bags
  • fibre one brownies
  • aldi milk lollies
  • strawberrries
  • itsu salt + vinegar prawn crackers
  • apples
  • sprite zero
  • fridge raiders
  • bourbon creme biscuits
  • lemon sorbet
  • tesco red velvet cupcakes